How I got away with not paying $4,670 worth of paid social

I debated writing this blog post, but I said to myself, I want to share both good “White hat” marketing tricks & the dark side of marketing “Black Hat”.

Note I don’t recommend you try this at home or your agency

To start this off, the social platform I used for this experiment was Reddit.

Yes, Reddit ads, cheap CPC, double-figure CTR & horrible customer support.

To explain what paid ads on Reddit are, they mostly appear on top of subreddit threads as a “Sponsored Link”.

The area highlighted in yellow is where the ad is placed.

A few months ago Reddit updated their ad platform which got some publicity, I’ve been a Reddit user for over a year & never did I give any thought on their PPC feature.

Reddit has tons of very targeted subreddits. Many marketers disregard Reddit ads due to the platforms messy UI & lack of customer support in comparison to Adwords & Facebook manager.

That’s Reddit Home page, messy, as you can see. Although has a very committed and active community. Reddit gets roughly 1.3 Billion visitors per month, give or take a million or two.

The average time on site is about 10 minutes, with a page view of 8.48 on average. All this data is via Similar Web.

Some benefits around a Reddit ads link:

  1. Your ad link is treated the same as others; meaning Redditors can vote and comment.
  2. You can follow up with Redditors in the comment section to provide additional details, answer questions or concerns, or even provide an exclusive discount for Redditors.
  3. Average CTR value above 10%.

Reddit is broken down into Subreddits each subreddit is a community by which you can subscribe to a community which gives you the ability to post text & link posts. Plus you can comment on other Redditors posts in your community.

Reddit has over 1,103,215 Subreddits, there is something for everyone.

Below is an image of some communities on Reddit, the likes of /gifs /BlackPeopleTwitter /TotalIlearned /News /Food /Funny /History and much more.

This is a Reddit metrics page which shows stats & data around different metrics around Reddit prior to investing time and effort in using it as a channel.

After that brief Introduction into Reddit and a few key metrics, let get into the juice.

I was very keen on trying Reddit as a paid social platform, but I didn’t really have much money on me to spend. So I started small with $10 a day for a week sending traffic to my blogs.

I achieved an average CPC of $0.84 and CTR of 14% which I’ve never seen using Adwords no matter how good & how optimized a campaign was.

A week in I realized visitors coming from Reddit didn’t bounce quickly, they actually went about sharing my blogs, commenting and engaging with the blogs which is great for SEO.

A week in I got greedy, really greedy & I thought to myself with any paid platform you tend to pay at the end of your monthly cycle, so I considered taking my winnings, paying my $70 at the end of the month, or I can burn through thousands of dollars and before the end of the month cancel my bank card I used to register on Reddit & simply get a new one by saying my card has been compromised to my bank.

Banks always assume customers are innocent and always take their side.

That’s what I did, I ended up spending about $4,700 worth of ads in three weeks in Reddit.

Called my bank on the 29th of may asking to cancel my card and ordered a new one.

On the 30th of may my experiment stop, as that’s when my payment due date was, all my campaigns had been paused. I closed my Reddit account as I owned them about $5,000 worth of ads.

That’s a screenshot of an email asking me to adjust my payment for my outstanding balance for my ads.

Doing what I did, I came out with acquiring new customers, gaining visitors emails, generated leads to my business & all it took was time.

This certainly isn’t a long-term strategy, it’s a super short term, 30 days max.

Side note: If you really want to make this strategy worth it combine it with some black hat affiliate marketing and safe to say you’ll make around half a million in 30 days if done correctly.

Ask any technical black hat digital marketer and try to get them to share their black hat affiliate marketing strategy it’s scary how much money they can make in a short period of time.

Unethical of course, but still loads of money.

This was a guest post from [anonymous of course]

Keep the growth & the hacking aligned 🤓

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