10 [Chrome extensions] every growth hacker needs in making their job easier

As much as I love Apple products, I’m a Chrome user myself. Whether at work or my personal machine I find myself using Chrome as a web browser.

As a growth hacker, I think chrome should be the most hackers go-to web browser, due to a number of growth extensions you can add.

In this blog, I’ll share ten extensions I use religiously, I’m not religious but I love using that phrase and it makes sense to use in this context (okay I’ll shut up & get with the tools).

  1. Rapportive

In simple terms, this tool shows LinkedIn profiles in Gmail.

Great tool in building rapport, gives you great insights into the person your messaging, plus you get to see their lovely smiley face as you write your email.

Gives you the location of that person, with their title & company they work for, a neat tool to have in your arsenal.

2. Check my links

Check My Links is a link checker that crawls through your web page and looks for broken links.

‘Check My Links’ quickly finds all the links on a web page and checks each one for you. It highlights which ones are valid and which ones are broken, simple as that.

Why is this useful for you?

As a growth you know the importance of building backlinks for SERP purposes, this tools allows you to identify any broken links on a web page.

You can contact the webmaster or the author of that page telling him what a few broken links, you can then either ask him to replace these broken links with yours or just to build a good relationship with webmasters as that might come in handy later down your careers path.

3. Dux-Soup for LinkedIn

Dux-Soup downloads as a browser extension. LinkedIn Profiles are viewed by your browser as if you were viewing the profiles manually. And this is the start of the ‘Look-Back’ cycle.

LinkedIn tells them you viewed their profile, Prospects become aware of you and start viewing your profile. They check out your site and connect/link with you.

Dux-Soup records key details of the profiles that you visited. You can open this data (file) in Excel and use it in Marketing or CRM tools for follow-up and tracking purposes.

Key details: First Name – Last Name – Title – CompanyCompanyWebsite – Email – Phone Location – Industry.

I use this tool for email marketing it allows me to extract hundreds of targetted emails per day with some much data around that individual that when sending an email it’s so targeting it gets them to click on the email content and perform the actions I need them to.

Not sure how long LinkedIn will allow this Chrome extension to work, so try it quickly.

Check out more growth tools here.

4. Effin Amazing UTM builder

Quickly create UTMs to track your content across the web.

Saves time by efficiently generating Google Analytics tracking links, aka UTM tracking codes with never leaving your Chrome browser.

This extension allows you to create a UTM code straight away from the page you are on, eliminating the back and forth you do opening new tabs or going to your google sheet to update your UTM code sheet.

It does everything from one screen, one tab, no more back & forth. Totally for free!

5. Ghostery

This is an amazing extension for competitor analysis & buss dev, let me elaborate.

This extension allows you to see what tools the site your on has in the backend, have a look a the image below

I’m on the daily mail (I don’t usually read tabloids) but for this example, I picked daily mail as such sites have many web tools in the back end used for various reasons.

Anywho back to the extension, once installing the extension you just click the ghostery widget and it shows you a drop menu like the one above reading everything daily mail are using on their back end.

From site analytics, advertising & social media tools they have.

Learning such things help you in making your next move after understanding what your competition is doing.

It’s great for Bus dev as you can study what your prospect is doing and it helps in crafting a great proposal with loads of insights as you might know what they are doing in terms of a marketing budget.

Just by understanding what tools they’re using if they’ve got Doubleclick, Centro, Rubicon you know they’re doing programmatic ads. If they have Facebook customer audience you know these guys are doing FB ads and most prob into AdWords so paid search.

It allows you to craft a greatly personalized proposal that helps in closing more clients.

6. No Follow

Outline no follow links, detect no follow and no index meta tags on web pages.

You click on the extension widget on any page you’re on, like the image above the red box highlighting all these hyperlinks show that these backlinks are “nofollow” links.

Meaning they hold no backlink weight, but never the less they do offer traffic to the site they link to, but in googles eye, this backlink doesn’t hold any value in terms of your SEO efforts.

Great to use when checking what sites you want to place backlinks from.

7. Scraper

Scraper gets data out of web pages and into spreadsheets.

Scraper is a very simple (but limited) data mining extension for facilitating online research when you need to get data into spreadsheet form quickly. It is intended as an easy-to-use tool for users.

You find the data you want to scrape of a page, right click on the anchor text and click “Scrape similar”

It would produce a list of all the links on that webpage that you want which you can then copy to Excel or export to a Google doc.

8. Hunter

This is a tool that I highly recommend anyone that does Digital Marketing, Email marketing & business development to use.

It’s a great tool that allows you to:

The freemium offer allows you to extract up to 150 free emails & then it starts at £45 per month.

I personally use it to extract emails whilst being on LinkedIn they have a widget that allows you to find anyone’s email plus gives how confident they are that the email is correct or wrong.

9. Keywords Everywhere 

This tool works on both Chrome as an extension & Firefox.

Pretty cool tool, if you search any keyword in Google it displays beneath it the search volume, CPC, Competition data around that particular keyword. The data isn’t very accurate but still, gives you a rough ball part of what’s going on.

Look beneath the search bar you can see the data around the specific keyword.


It also shows you data around Searched related to your keyword.

Great for keyword research and PPC campaigns.

10. CrowdTangle link Checker

An easy way to see how often a link has been shared, who shared it and what they said. It show’s you the aggregate interaction results on that link across Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin. As well, the specific Facebook posts, Instagram posts, tweets, and subreddits that mention this link.

Great way to find out who shared similar content you produce for you to reach out asking them to read your content, who knows might even help you get a backlink!

What are your favourite chrome extensions?

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